Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2005


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FOK Mable (Prof. C. T. Shu)

Two of our PhD students, Owen Kwok (supervised by Chinlon Lin) and Mable Fok (supervised by Chester Shu) won the 2nd runner up best paper award and the best presentation prizes respectively at the 6th IEEE LEOS (Hong Kong) postgraduate conference held at...View more

KWOK Owen (Prof. C. Lin)

Two of our PhD students, Owen Kwok (supervised by Chinlon Lin) and Mable Fok (supervised by Chester Shu) won the 2nd runner up best paper award and the best presentation prizes respectively at the 6th IEEE LEOS (Hong Kong) postgraduate conference held at...View more

FOK Mei Po (Prof. C. T. SHU)

Mable Fok, PhD student from the Optoelectronics Lab, has won the 2005 IEEE LEOs Graduate Student Fellowship. The Prize carries a U.S. $5,000 cash award, plus US $2,500 travel expenses for the fellowship recipient to attend the Award Presentation at the...View more

AU YEUNG Chi Fai (Prof. K. K. Cheng)

PhD student Au-yeung Chi Fai, from Microwave Lab, supervised by Prof. K.K. Cheng, has won the 1st prize in IEEE AP/MTT PG conference in Sept. 2005. Congratulations to Au-yeung Chi Fai and Prof. K.K. Cheng!View more

ZHANG Xin-Yu, POON Chung Yan, YAN Yong Sheng, WONG Yee Man, XIANG Xiao Yan (Prof. Y. T. ZHANG)

BME Group has won the Championship of Vice-Chancellor's Cup of Student Innovation 2005.View more

LEUNG Sim Heung (Prof. C. T. Shu, Prof. C. Lin)

LEE Sim Heung, MPhil student from Optoelectronics Lab, was awarded the Best Student Paper Award in CLEO/Pacific Rim, July 11-15, Tokyo, in the category of "Optical communications and interconnections" for the work entitiled "All Optical ASK to DPSK...View more

CUEERA (翼虎入樽) (Prof. Q. H. Meng)

The EE participating team, CUEERA (翼虎入樽), has won the Robocon 2005 Hong Kong Contest in the 2nd runner up position among the 13 teams from 5 HK universities, achieving the best result among the 4 CUHK teams (2 from ACAE, 1 from CSE, and 1 from...View more

FOK Mei Po, TANG Wing Wa (Prof. C. T. SHU)

An outstanding paper award was presented to Optoelectronics Lab members in the International Symposium on Technology Fusion of Optoelectronic and Communications, Taipei, May 17-22, 2005 for the paper entitled "Optical Pulse Repetition-Rate Multiplication...View more

BAO Shudi, WONG Yee Man (Prof. Y. T. ZHANG)

At the 6th Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (APCMBE) held in Japan, Shudi Bao, a postgraduate student of BME Lab, was awarded Young Investigator's Award (YIA) for the paper "A new symmetric cryptosystem of body area sensor...View more

LIANG Tak Keung (Prof. H. K. Tsang)

Dr. Tak-keung Liang, PhD graduate of our Department last year, has won the HKIS Young Scientist Award 2005, Engineering Science Panel. The award was annouced and presented at the Annual Conference of Hong Kong Institution of Science held at Polytechnic...View more

LIU Yang (Prof. H. K. Tsang)

Second year PhD student Liu Yang, from Optoelectronics Lab, was awarded the third best student paper prize (out of 184 top papers from the best around the world). Coauthors of the paper were Dr C. W. Chow, Dr W. Y. Cheung and Prof. H.K.Tsang. The other...View more

CHEN Zhenzhong (Prof. K. N. Ngan)

Zhenzhong Chen, a PhD Student from the Visual Signal Processing and Communications Lab, has won the prestigious Microsoft Fellowship award which carries a US$6000 scholarship and an internship at the Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) in Beijing. Microsoft...View more

NG Chong Chon (Prof. K. K. Cheng)

Mr. NG Chong Chon, MPhil student from the Microwave Lab, has won the 1st - Runner UP in the "Young Members Exhibition/Conference 2005 in the Postgraduate Section organised by the IEE Hong Kong Younger Members Section among a lot of top students from...View more

AN Jin (Prof. J. B. Xu)

Mr. An Jin, supervised by Prof. J.B. Xu, has won the Best Poster Award from ICMAT2005 (International Conference on Materials for Advanced Technologies). The title was Electrical and Photonic Properties of CsS Nanoribbon Devices. For more information, the...View more

YAN Jason, POON Carmen (Prof. Y. T. Zhang)

"e-challenge" is a business plan competition organized by the Young Entrepreneurs Development Council (www.ydc.org.hk ). This year, e-challenge has achieved a record high number of entries. The organiser received 137 proposals submitted from 180 teams...View more

CHAN Wai Nang, OUYANG Hua, YEUNG Yu Ting (Prof. T. Lee)

Three students of our department have been chosen as the 2nd Place Winners of Microsoft Imagine Cup 2005 Competition in software design. Their team (CUSpeech) has realized a low cost visual-audio video conferencing system (SVCOM) for third world...View more

TSANG Wai Wah Martin

Mr. Tsang Wai Wah Martin, a final year student in this department, has won the CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Cup of Student Innovation 2005 (VCCI2005), Undergraduate Category, Individual Entries. The topic of his project is "Design and Realization of a Virtual...View more