Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2013-2014



RGC General Research Fund in 2013-2014

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. Emma MacPherson Terahertz time-domain spectroscopic ellipsometry for biomedical applications $500,000
Prof. Chan Kam Tai MOTH bolometer array - a novel room temperature, broadband and polarization insensitive Metamaterial Omnidirectional THz bolometer array $500,000
Prof. Ho Ho Pui Lab-in-droplet bioassay strategy with power-enabled lab-on-a-disc $500,000
Prof. Leung Ka Nang Development of Fast Transient Low-Dropout Regulator Based on Dominant-Pole Tracking and Cancellation $500,000
Prof. Mak Fuk Tat Mechanics of Cell Damage and Repair in Oxidative Environments: In-Vitro Studies $500,000
Prof. Meng Qinghu A Therapeutic Modular Wireless Capsule Endoscopic Robotic System with Multi-Body Configuration $645,500
Prof. Ngan King Ngi Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment for Retargeted Images $645,500
Prof. Pun Kong Pang Prof. Energy Saving Techniques for Successive Approximation Register Analogue-to-Digital Converters $500,000
Prof. Shu Ching tat Multichannel wavelength-division processing for high-speed instrumentation and communications $645,500
Prof. Tsang Hon Ki Optical Nonlinearities in silicon membrane waveguides $645,500
Prof. Wong Ching Ping Fundamental Understanding of Hierarchically Textured Silicon Surfaces for Superhydrophobic Solar Cells $500,000
Prof. Yeung Lap Kun Circuit Network Representation for Radiation Problems $508,000
Prof. Zhao Ni Understanding the Electronic Processes in Bulk and Nanostructured Red Phosphorus $595,100