Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2003-2004


RGC Earmarked Grants received by Faculty Members in 2003-2004

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. C. T. Shu All-optical Wavelength Converters for Dense Wavelength-division Multiplexing Communications $628,582
Prof. H. K. Tsang Novel Techniques for Transient Protection in Optical Networks $650,698
Prof. K. P. Pun Development of a Flexible IF-Sampling Sigma Delta Analogue-to-Digital Converter for Multi-Mode Cellular Mobile Terminals $505,193
Prof. P. C. Ching A New Vector Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Broadband Communication Systems $400,430
Prof. Q. H. Meng Development of a Platform for Teleoperated Healthcare Services $493,553
Prof. S. P. Wong Ion Beam Synthesis of Si-based Nanostructures for Optoelectronics Applications $324,000
Prof. Y. T. Chan Localization Schemes for Telecommunication Applications $324,000