Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2018-2019


Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) in 2018-2019

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Scheme
Prof. LEE Tan Personalized Storytelling System Based on Expressive Voice Creation by Deep Learning 1,361,600 ITSP
Prof. LI Hongsheng Deep Learning-aided Organ-at-risk Delineation in 3D Medical Images for Radiotherapy Treatment of Cancers 2,000,000 ITSP
Prof. MENG Qing-hu Max An Intelligent Robotic System for Autonomous Airport Passenger Trolley Deployment 8,257,124 ITSP
Prof. MENG Qing-hu Max Development of A Robotic Rollator-Orthosis System for Mobility Augmentation and Eldercare 3,509,234 MRP
Prof. XU Jianbin Novel Raman Enhancement Substrates Based on Large-Throughput and Low-Cost 2D Materials for Ultrasensitive Analytical Detections 1,399,067 ITSP