Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2010-2011



RGC General Research Fund in 2010-2011

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. H. K. Tsang Nanophotonic functional elements for integrated optical differential phase modulated receivers $821,100
Prof. K. N. Leung Digital-control SIMO DC-DC Converter with Enhanced Output Power of Individual Sub-converter $1,386,440
Prof. K. N. Ngan Directional Transform for Hybrid Video Coding $1,098,966
Prof. K. P. Pun Multi-stage Sub-ranging Time-to-Digital Converter $868,676
Prof. P. T. Yung Development of a bioelectronic microfluidic breadboard using S-layer protein to study bacterial endospores from a nanoscale perspective $902,175
Prof. T. Blu Improved Algorithms for Finite Rate of Innovation Signals $1,083,300
Prof. T. Lee Developing a hands-free electrolarynx of natural sound quality for Chinese-speaking laryngectomees $1,697,354
Prof. X. G. Wang Large crowded scenes visual surveillance with a distributed network of cameras $709,011