Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2020-2021



RGC General Research Fund in 2020-2021

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. Tsang Hon-ki Multimode Waveguide Grating Couplers $845,055
Prof. Lee Tan Objective assessment of physical competence and wellness based on voice and speech analytics $602,349
Prof. Wu Ke-li Reconfiguration of Filter Circuit Model for Computer-Aided Tuning of Microwave Filters Based on Homotopy Continuation $563,370
Prof. Cheng Michael Kwok-Keung Self- Linearizing Techniques for Advanced Design of High-Efficiency Doherty Microwave Power Amplifier $602,349
Prof. Zhao Ni Fundamental Study and System Development of Organic Heterojunction Phototransistors for Functional Near-infrared Spectroscopy $845,055
Prof. Shu Chester Ching-tat Optimum design of probabilistic shaping under the practical constraints of advanced optical transmission systems $1,057,394
Prof. Meng Max Qing-Hu Development of a State-of-the-art Augmented-reality Surgical Navigation System for Minimally Invasive Surgery $1,174,506