Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2016


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Lo Po Wen, Li Xintong and Wang Jiankun (Prof. Q.H. Meng)

Mr Lo Po Wen, Mr Li Xintong and Mr Wang Jiankun, postgraduate students from Department of Electronic Engineering, supervised by Professor Max Q.-H. Meng , received the Best Innovation Award in the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Hong Kong,...View more

Chi Wenzheng (Prof. Q.H. Meng)

Miss Wenzheng Chi, a PhD student and a HKPFS recipient in the Department of Electronic Engineering, supervised by Professor Max Q.-H. Meng, received the Best Student Paper Award at the 2016 IEEE International Conference on Real-Time Computing and...View more

Bu Shi (Prof. K.N. Leung)

M.Phil. student BU Shi has been selected by the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) to receive the 2016 IEEE Life Members Graduate Study Fellowship in Electrical Engineering. BU Shi came from mainland China to The Chinese University of Hong Kong...View more

Zhao Ping (Prof. K.L. Wu)

Our graduate student, ZHAO Ping who is supervised by Prof Keli WU,published in HKIE Transactions Vol 23 No 1 with title “A New Computer-aided Tuning Scheme for General Lossy Coupled-resonator Bandpass Filters Based on the Cauchy Method” has been awarded...View more

Lo Po Wen and Wang Chaoqun (Prof. Q.H. Meng)

Student LO Po Wen and student WANG Chaoqun won the First-Class Award of Information Technology at ‘Challenge Cup’ National Competition Hong Kong Regional Final in Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2016. Their...View more

Prof. W.L. Ouyang, Prof. H.S. Li, Prof. X.G. Wang and five PhD students

ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC) is one of the most important grand challenges in computer vision. There are more than 70 top computer vision groups participated in ILSVRC 2015. The CUHK team (CUvideo) including Prof. Wanli...View more