Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - ELEG5723 - CMOS Analog IC Design


This course covers the design of analog integrated circuits using modern CMOS technology. Extensive circuit simulations will be made using Cadence/SPECTRE in the homework problems and the course project. Contents include: Review of fundamentals; analog circuit building blocks: operational amplifier, comparator, voltage and current references; switched-capacitor circuits; current mode circuits; continuous-time filters; A/D and D/A converters: parallel, serial, algorithmic and over-sampling converters.

After finishing this course, students are expected to

  • Be able to analyze and design CMOS analog IC building blocks, like operational transconductance amplifiers and comparators.
  • Be able to analyze, design and characterize basic CMOS data converters of different type, including flash, successive approximation, pipeline, and oversampling types.

Learning Outcome
We will be using intensive computer simulations in the homework. Matlab is used to design and verify the system performance.


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