Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2011-2012



Research Committee Group Research Scheme in 2011-2012

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. C. T. Shu A New Class of Multifunctional Nonlinear Devices for Bit-rate Variable Optical Signal Processing (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. H. K. Tsang Mid-infrared Photonics Using Silicon-on-sapphire Waveguides (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. H. P. Ho Focused Excitation of Plasmonic Effects in Metallic Micro Disks (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. K. K. Cheng Multi-functional Microwave Power Divider Design (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. K. L. Wu Physics-based Model Order Reduction for the Modeling of Electronic Interconnects and Packages (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. L. K. Yeung Mode-based Antenna Arrays for Compact MIMO Systems (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. P. T. Yung Spectroscopic Electrochemical Impedance Imaging (SEIM): Study on the Germination Mechanism of Bacillus and Clostridium Endospores (Direct Grant) $60,492
Prof. W. K. Cham Adaptive Block-size Transform for Coding of HDTV (Direct Grants) $60,492
Prof. W. K. Ma Transmit Beamforming Designs for Multi-Antenna Communication Systems (Direct Grant) $60,492