Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2014


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Prof. J.B. Xu

Prof. XU Jianbin and Prof. TSANG Hon Ki as well as their research teams won the 2nd prize of the Natural Science Awards 2014 (2014高校科學研究優秀成果 - 自然科學獎) by the Ministry of Education, China. Project title: 石墨烯晶體管及其光電探测器的介面工程研究 Team members: XU Jianbin,...View more

Prof. J.B. Xu

Prof. XU Jianbin is awarded a prestigious award of Cheung Kong Visiting Chair Professorship (長江學者-講座教授) by the Ministry of Education, China. There are 92 awardees in this round. For detailed information, please refer to...View more

Prof. J.B. Xu

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has created an award scheme ─ Outstanding Fellowship Awards ─ to recognise teaching staff members who have displayed academic excellence and contributed to the University’s strategic development. We are delighted...View more

Prof. Y. T. Zhang

A new standard for evaluating wearable, cuffless blood pressure devices has been approved by IEEE. The chair of the working group for this new standard is IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Fellow, Prof. Yuan-Ting Zhang. The new standard...View more

Prof. P. C. Ching

The University has awarded Professor CHING Pak Chung the Choh-Ming Li Professorship to recognize his distinguished scholastic performance. The awardee will be provided with a general expense account at HK$100,000 p.a. to support his academic and...View more

Prof. X. G. Wang

Novel Face Recognition System Developed by Prof. WANG Xiaogang (EE) and Prof. Xiaoou Tang (IE) Achieves 99.15% Accuracy A research team led by Prof. Xiaoou Tang (IE) and Prof. Xiaogang Wang (EE) has built a novel facial recognition system that with the...View more

Prof. W. K. Ma

Prof. Ma Wing Kin is awarded the Research Excellence Award 2013-14 by the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In granting this Award, the University recognizes his remarkable accomplishment in research. The Award consists of an amount of HK$200,000 in the...View more