Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2005


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Prof. H. K. Tsang

Ms Y.Liu, a second year PhD student in the optoelectroncs group led by Prof.Tsang, won the third best student paper prize at the LEOS annual meeting in Sydney Oct 2005. Second year PhD student Liu Yang, from Optoelectronics Lab, was awarded the third...View more

Prof. K. L. Wu

Prof. Wu has invented the first ever smallest Bluetooth Module in the...View more

Dr. T. K. Liang

Dr. Tak Keung Liang, a PhD graduate of our Department under the supervision of Prof. H.K. Tsang is one of the recipients of the Award for the Best Research Output by Research Postgraduate Students 2004. 今年2月份出版的權威科學雜誌Nature...View more

Dr. K. K. Chow

Dr. Chow Kin Kee has won the 2004 Young Scientist Award in the Engineering Science Discipline. The award was presented by the Hong Kong Institute of Science on October 30, 2004. Dr. Chow was a B. Eng, M. Phil., and Ph.D graduate of our department....View more

Prof. T. Lee

Professor Tan Lee has been awarded the Vice-Chancellor's Exemplary Teaching Award 2004.View more

Dr. Y. Chen

Dr. Yang Chen, a PhD graduate of the DSP and Speech Lab, won the ICASSP 2005 Best Student Paper Award (Speech Processing Group). ICASSP is the most prestigious conference in the speech processing area. In this year, 570 papers were submitted in this...View more

Prof. T. K. John Koo

Koo Tak-Kuen John, our graduate of 1992, won the prestigious NSF Career Award of USA, by the project titled "Computation Platform for the Design of Hybrid Systems".T. John Koo received the B.Eng. degree in Electronic Engineering and the M.Phil. degree in...View more