Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2018-2019



RGC General Research Fund in 2018-2019

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. Blu Thierry Local All-Pass Parametric Image Registration $700,000
Prof. Cheng Kwok Keung, Michael Broadband High Efficiency Doherty Power Amplifier Design for Advanced Wireless Systems $330,057
Prof. Choy Chiu Sing, Oliver Reliable Early Epilepsy Seizure Detection Based on Both Temporal and Spatial Information on EEG Using Convolutional Neural Network $330,057
Prof. Ma Wing Kin, Ken Deep Learning of Optimization in Model-Based Signal Processing $700,000
Prof. Meng Qing Hu, Max Development of Scenario Intelligence for Service Robots with Application in Autonomous Untrained Elevator Operations $632,421
Prof. Pun Kong Pang A new class of continuous-time Delta-Sigma modulators for low power and high performance with immunities to circuit non-idealities $583,333
Prof. Sun, Xiankai Investigation of photonic bound states in the continuum in photonic integrated circuits $875,000
Prof. Tsang Hon Ki Hybrid integrated photodetectors for silicon nitride waveguide based on-chip optical interconnects using 2-D materials and Van der Waals heterostructures $495,086
Prof. Wang Xiaogang Structured Multi-Modality Deep Learning for Scene Understanding $693,000
Prof. Xu Jianbin Manipulation of Valley-Spin Exciton-Polaritons by Novel Photonic Nanostructures $495,086
Prof. Yu Ming Microwave Passive Device Technologies for 5G and IoS Communication Systems $330,057