Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Alumni Award Winner 2015


2010 | 2012


Mr. Stephen Chau (Degree from CUHK: BSc 1985)

Mr. Stephen Chau graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1985.

Mr. Chau has been with SmarTone since 1993. He joined the Company as Head of Operations and was made Chief Technology Officer since 1999. He is responsible for the company’s information and communications technology strategy, roadmap and deployment.

Mr. Chau’s leadership has shaped SmarTone’s technological innovations, impacting all areas of business operations and establishing sustainable competitive advantages. He is responsible for SmarTone’s high performance network, which is widely recognised for its superior voice and data experience. He is the architect of SmarTone’s advanced service platform which enables its many proprietary services, offering differentiation in the marketplace and real value to customers. Mr. Chau also oversees the evolution of SmarTone’s industry leading customer management and support systems enabling frontline staff to provide award-winning customer care.

Mr. Chau has held various senior management positions in telecommunications companies. He is a member of The Institution of Engineering and Technology ("IET"), UK and a Chartered Engineer of the Institute of Electrical Engineers, UK. He is also on the Advisory Committee on Electronic Engineering of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Innovation and Technology Support Programme ("ITSP") Assessment Panel (Information and Technology Subgroup) under the Innovation and Technology Fund.  

Dr. Johnny Lee

Dr. Johnny Lee joined ICAC in mid-1980s and served with an expertise of engineering to enhance the integrity of Hong Kong society. He then joined the insurance industry with a vision to protect those exposed to financial risk during the early days when social security was still in a primitive stage. He built a career in the finance field as a sales manager leading a team of high integrity professionals and won many awards.

Being inspired by Professor Fok Tou-Hui, he developed an immense interest in oriental culture. He volunteered for 20 years to promote the modernisation of traditional Chinese culture in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and mainland China. As a successor of the Contemporary Neo-Confucianism, he leads the personal development of thousands of individuals and their families to maintain a healthy relationship and live in harmony.

In building a bridge between traditional culture and the modern world to nourish life education, he is currently involved in building a school network with modernised traditional cultural wisdom as well as bringing such wisdom into the commercial world.  

Ms. Olivia Lin (Degree from CUHK: BSc 1988)

Olivia Lin joined the Airport Authority as General Manager, Facilities Planning in May 2008. Facilities Planning Department is in charge of planning studies of major enhancements in airport infrastructure and facilities to meet growing demand for aviation services, representing significant long-term capital investments. The department is also responsible for looking after all interfacing issues with other infrastructural projects currently under planning or study by HKSAR Government in the vicinity of Hong Kong International Airport to maximize synergy.

Olivia received her undergraduate degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1988. She started her career with the Swire Group as management trainee and has more than 20 years of extensive planning experience in the aviation industry. She was General Manager, Planning & International Affairs of Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Ltd prior to joining the Authority.  

Dr. Veronica Tam (Degree from CUHK: BSc 1976)

Veronica was a graduate of the Department of Electronics of CUHK in 1976. She was one of the founding members of the Electronics Society, the first student society of the electronics students in 1972, as well as the Alumni Association of Electronic Engineering in 1995.

Since graduation, she worked in the higher education sector, committing herself in developing young professionals, scholars and future leaders. Now serving in Lingnan University as Director of Student Services, Veronica is paying full efforts in advocating co- and extra-curricular programmes with personal growth elements supplementary to the formal curriculum, and cultivating in students a set of generic and transferrable skills, as well as global perspectives which are most desired by employers and educators.

In 2010, Veronica was elected the chairlady of the Hong Kong Student Services Association. She led the university student affairs professionals in facilitating the 334 education reform, expediting out-of-classroom, whole-person development programmes, and hall education for students, and enabling exchanges with counterparts all over the world via conferences and visits.

Practising life-long education, she attained a MA in Information System (CityU) in 1994, a Doctor in Education (Bristol) in 2001 and a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language (CUHK) in 2007.  

Ir. Dr. Jolly Wong (Degree from CUHK: MPhil 1992)

Dr. Jolly Wong is a chartered engineer by profession. As Chief Technology Officer, he oversees the formulation and roll-out of policies and strategies with regard to information and communications technology (ICT) for the Hong Kong Police (HKP). Dr Wong has distinguished himself in the technology profession by receiving the Outstanding Contribution to TETRA Award 2008, for his stewardship of mission-critical, large-scale, complex technology programme 3rd Generations of Command, Control and Communications for HKP. Subsequently, he was appointed Ambassador for Asia by the TETRA and Critical Communications Association in 2010.

Dr. Wong received an MSc in Telecommunications and Information Systems from the University of Essex UK, an MPhil from The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a doctorate from the Middlesex University London UK. He is the innovator of Finance-Operate-Own-Share (FOOS) business model, which has brought synergy by means of public and private partnership to resolve major technology problems for HKP. The model is internationally recognised as an industry-wide success that has worldwide application potential. The DProf thesis was awarded the Ken Goulding Prize for Professional Excellence by Middlesex University.

Professionally, he is elected Council Chairman of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), UK for 2014-2015. During his over 30 years’ professional service, he has served as board member of BCS UK, expert advisor of Chinese Institute of Electronics, etc. He has spearheaded the HKIE Information Discipline and accreditation of computer science degree programmes. Academically, he is an adjunct professor for the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and the Shanghai University.