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Research Interests:

Functional materials, Smart windows, Flexible devices, Soft electronics, Nanodevice fabrications.






Resume of Career

Yi Long received her Ph.D. degrees in Materials Science from Cambridge University, United Kingdom under full sponsorship of Overseas Research Scholarship (ORS), United Kingdom, Cambridge Trust, and Graduate Scholarship of Selwyn College. She is currently a full Professor at CUHK and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Her current research focuses on developing smart functional materials, to give devices with a greater range of properties than is usually obtained. Her major research includes smart surface for energy saving, flexible devices, soft electronics and nanodevice fabrications. Before joining CUHK, she worked at Chartered Semiconductor (now GlobalFoundries Inc.) and Nanyang Technological University. Her early career in NTU started with successful Lab-to-Fab technology transfer for Seagate Technology.

Current Research Interests

Functional materials, Smart windows, Flexible devices, Soft electronics, Nanodevice fabrications.

Highlights of Recent Research Achievements

External Service in Recent 3 Years

  • Scientific Editor and Editorial Board Member, Materials Horizons. since 2022
  • Advisory Board Member, Device, since 2023
  • Advisory Board Member, Next Energy, since 2022
  • Advisory Board Member, The Innovation Materials, since 2023
  • Lead guest editor to organize a special issue for Materials Today Energy : Energy Conservation, Generation and Storage in Sustainable Buildings, 2021
  • Editorial board, Nanomaterials (2019-2022)

Selected Publications for the Past 3 Years

  1. Long, Y., Gao, Y.F. (ed). (2021). Thermochromic smart windows: an option based on Vanadium dioxide, Jenny Stanford Publishing. ISBN 9789814877060,May 28, 2021.
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  3. Wang S., Jiang T., Meng Y., Yang R.G.,* Tan G.*, , Long Y*. Scalable thermochromic smart windows with passive radiative cooling regulation, Science 2021, 374(6574), 1501-1504.
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