Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2003


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QIAN Yao (Prof. P. C. Ching, Prof. T. Lee)

Qian Yao (5th from the right on the back row) received Microsoft Fellow award at the "Computing in the 21st Century" conference. Content:Ms. Qian Yao, second-year PhD student at the DSP and Speech Technology Laboratory, recently received the award of...View more

CHAN Wai Nang, KWONG Pak Yin (Prof. T. Lee)

Chan Wai Nang (middle) and Kwong Pak Yin (left) received the award and certificate in the MMCDC 2003 award ceremony on 27 August 2003. Content:Chan Wai Nang and Kwong Pak Yin, who are currently final year students of our department, received the award...View more

LO Kwok Wing (Prof. S. P. Wong)

"IEEE Hong Kong Section (Electronics) Prize" in the Regional Inter-University Postgraduate Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference (RIUPEEEC 2003). Paper Title: "IBS Synthesis and Characterization of CoPt-SiO2 and FePt-SiO2 Nanocomposite...View more

CHAN Po Shan (Prof. H. K. Tsang)

Best paper award in the 8th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference(OECC'2003) Paper Title: "Magnettostrictive Polarization Compensation on SOI Rib Waveguide"View more

TENG Xiaofei (Prof. Y. T. Zhang)

Certificate awarded to Xiaofei Teng (postgraduate student at the Joint Research Center for Biomedical Engineering) in the IEEE-EMBS 2003. Title:Continuous and Noninvasive Estimation of Arterial Blood Pressure Using a Photoplethysmographic...View more

HE Jian (Prof. K. T. Chan)

Has won the IEEE (HK) postgrad paper prize for 2003. Paper Title: "Generation and Application of Picosecond Pulses with Wavelength Switching by Optically Modulating a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier in a fiber Laser with an Optical Delay Line"View more