Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2022-2023



RGC General Research Fund (GRF) / Early Career Scheme (ECS) in 2022-2023

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Scheme
Prof. Liu Li Photoacoustic Sensor-enhanced Neurosurgical Robotic System by Autonomous Steering through Osteoporotic Vertebrae to Facilitate Functionally Accurate Spinal Fusion 1,065,340 GRF
Prof. Pun Kong-pang Investigation of Wideband Continuous-Time Delta-Sigma Modulators by Means of a High Single-Loop Order 1,075,574 GRF
Prof. Ren Hongliang Cystoscopic Active Probing with Visual-Tactile Guidance Towards Semiautomatic Real-time Intravesical Inspection of Perilesional Underlying Microstructures In Situ 1,098,559 GRF
Prof. Shu Ching-tat Chester Programmable optical processing schemes empowered by temporal and spectral Talbot effects 951,618 GRF
Prof. Xu Jianbin Phonon Hydrodynamics in One-dimensional Crystals Towards High Thermal Conduction 1,075,574 GRF
Prof. Zhao Ni Development and fundamental investigation of stacked perovskite/quantum dot structures for light-emitting applications 1,046,114 GRF