Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2006-2007


RGC Earmarked Grants received by Faculty Members in 2005-2006

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. C. F. Chan A current mode ADC with quaternary outputs $411,000
Prof. H. P. Ho Phase Imaging of Surface Plasmon Resonance and Sensor Surface Engineering for Multi-analyte Biosensor Chips $448,000
Prof. J. B. Xu Investigation of heterojunctions and nanocomposites in organic semiconductors $814,500
Prof. K. L. Wu Circuit Model Extraction Techniques for Embedded RF Passive Circuits and Interconnections $411,000
Prof. K. N. Leung Power Management for System-On-a-Chip Design in Nano-Scale Technology $500,750
Prof. K. P. Pun Development of Ultra Low Voltage Sigma-Delta Analog-to-Digital Converters $456,000
Prof. K. T. Chan Investigation of Terahertz Wave Generation by Dual-Wavelength Self-Seeding of a Semiconductor Laser Using Fiber Bragg Gratings $461,000
Prof. P. C. Ching Automatic Speech Recognition of Cantonese/English Code-Mixing Utterances $356,000
Prof. Q. H. Meng A Wireless Sensor Network Platform for Healthcare Services $996,880
Prof. S. P. Wong Structural and Light emission properties of semiconducting silicide/Si structures $466,000