Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Huawei Prizes for Outstanding FYPs on IC Design and Design Automation


We are pleased to announce that Huawei Hong Kong Research Center will kindly donate a sum of money to the Department to set up “Huawei Prizes for Outstanding FYPs on IC Design and Design Automation” for three academic years starting from 2022/23.

Key points of the regulations governing the award of the prizes are extracted below.

  1. Each year, there will be up to six awards in tiers: one award of Prime Excellence, two awards of Excellence, and three awards of Merit.
  2. The amounts of the prizes will be:
    • $55,000 for each award of Prime Excellence;
    • $25,000 for each award of Excellence; and
    • $15,000 for each award of Merit.
  3. The prizes will be awarded to final-year full-time undergraduate students of the Department of Electronic Engineering based on their performance in their final year projects, which should be related to integrated circuits design and design automation.
  4. The prizes are open to local and non-local students.

If you are interested in competing for the prizes, you are encouraged to contact your supervisor to make your project related to IC design or design automation.