Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2009


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Prof. J.B. Xu

Prof. J.B. Xu has secured the Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Young Scholars and will have 200,000 RMB for the first two years, afterwards fundable for another 1.2 million RMB, subject to a second review. The fund, which is...View more

Prof. J.B. Xu

Led by Prof. Li Quan of the Physics Department and Prof. Xu Jianbin of the Electronic Engineering Department, the research team at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) revealed a breakthrough in semiconductors. It opens up a new front in...View more

Prof. Q.H. Meng

Professor Max Q.-H. Meng and his co-authors received the Best Conference Paper Award at the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation. The award winning paper is entitled "Image Representation and Compression for Capsule Endoscope...View more

Prof. S.Y. Wang

Prof. William S.Y. Wang and Dr. James W. Minett have recently published a new book titled “Language, Evolution, and the Brain”.This volume consists of an important collection of papers presented at the Seminar on Language, Evolution, and the...View more

Prof. J.B. Xu

Prof. J. B. Xu has recently been selected as Member of International Advisory Committee of International Conference on Nanoscience and Technology, China 2009 (ChinaNano 2009). The conference is presumably the largest one on nanoscience and nanotechnology...View more

Prof. W. K. Cham

Prof. W.K. Cham, PI of the Project “Future Multimedia Standards”, has been awarded a research grant of HK$1,000,000 (Aug. 2008 – Jan. 2010) from Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Ltd. Project Title:...View more

Prof. J.B. Xu

A recent article entitled "Controlling of the surface energy of the gate dielectric in organic field-effect transistors by polymer blend" (Appl. Phys. Lett. 2009, 94, 093302) by Prof. J.B. Xu's team and collaborators has been highlighted by "Noteworthy...View more

Prof. Y.T. Zhang

Prof. Y.T. Zhang wins the Hong Kong ICT Gold Award Both the “Non-contact Electro-cardiogram Monitoring Bedsheet” and “Health-shirt” developed by a team led by Professor Zhang Yuan-ting of the Department of Electronic Engineering,...View more

Prof. J.B. Xu

Prof. Xu has been awarded a CRF Funding of HK$4,000,000 for his group research project. Collaborative Institutions: CUHK, PolyU, HKUST, CityU, UWO Project Title: Interface Engineering for Organic Transistors: Materials, Fabrication, Characterization,...View more