Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2023-2024


Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) in 2023-2024

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount Scheme
Prof Alex Ka-nang LEUNG Development of Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter for USB Power Delivery 3.1 1,891,897.43 ITSP Platform
Prof Ni ZHAO Development of a Feedback-controlled Dual-modality Transdermal Drug Delivery Patch 1,343,200 ITSP Seed
Prof Yixuan YUAN Privacy-preserving Automatic Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis System with Endoscopy Images 1,384,600 ITSP Seed
Prof Chaoran HUANG Development of High-Speed and Energy-Efficient Photonic Neuromorphic Chip for Next-Generation Optical Communication Signal Processing 1,390,235 ITSP Seed