Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Programme Overview

Our articulated MPhil-PhD programme provides students with an opportunity of being involved in in-depth studies and focused research in selected areas of electronic engineering. The programme is intended to foster high-quality and forward-looking research activities, so as to meet the society's demand for high-caliber engineers who are knowledgeable in the latest technologies. The Department of Electronic Engineering has 4 research groups which are Robotics, Perception and AI, Multimedia & Signal Processing, Integrated Circuits & Systems, and Solid State Electronics & Photonics covering the following research areas.


Robotics, Perception and AI Group
Robotics with medical, service, and industrial applications
Perception, sensors and computer vision
AI, pattern recognition, and human machine interaction
Intelligent and integrated systems

  Multimedia & Signal Processing Group
Image and Video Processing
Signal and Data Science

  Integrated Circuits & Systems Group
Microwave & Wireless Communications
Energy Conversion

  Solid State Electronics & Photonics Group
Photonics & Optical Communications
Solid-State Electronics