Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2012-2013



Other Received Grants in 2012-2013

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. H. P. Ho Functional Plasmonics with Energy Localization for Sensing, Nano-Actuation and Optoelectronics (RGC Collaborative Research Fund) $5,000,000
Prof. J. B. Xu The Croucher Advanced Study Institute (ASI) Conference Grant from Croucher Foundation $600,000
Prof. J.B. Xu Interfacial Engineering of Graphene Heterostructures and Its Device Applications (NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme: Partner with Prof Xinran Wang / Nanjing University of RMB 800,000.) $822,095
Prof. T. Lee Speech Perception with Combined Electric and Acoustic Stimulation (Collaborative project with the Northeastern University funded by the National Institutes of Health, US$154,799) $1,200,000
Prof. W.K. Cham High Order Orthogonal Integer Transform with Recursive Structure for AVS2 video coding standard (Technology and Business Development Fund) $200,000