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Admission Scholarships

The Department of Electronic Engineering (EE) offers admission scholarships to new undergraduate students on the basis of their excellent academic performance. The Department will identify qualified new students and inform them of the scholarship offers. There is no need for the students to apply for the scholarships.

The value of each Admission Scholarship ranges from HK$10,000 to $100,000. Outstanding students who have attained the qualifications as stipulated below will be eligible for consideration of Admission Scholarships.

 Category  Quota  Amount (HKD)
 for JUPAS students
- Achieve 5** in at least one STEM subject [1]
- Achieve 5* in at least one STEM subject [2]
 for non-JUPAS local students  4 students  $15,000 each
 International student who does not receive a university scholarship  1 student  $100,000


[1] Any of the following subjects is considered as a STEM subject: Mathematics (Compulsory Part), Mathematics (Module 1 or Module 2), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Information and Communication Technology, Combined Science and Integrated Science.

[2] Not for students who achieve 5** in at least one STEM subject.