Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2014


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Mr. Wang Jiaole (Prof. Q.H. Meng)

Mr. WANG Jiaole has won the Best Paper Award in the 2014 IEEE International Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems, held from June 4 to 7, 2014 in Hong Kong. Mr. WANG Jiaole is a third year Ph.D. student supervised...View more

Mak Kai Ho, Bu Shi (Prof. K.N. Leung)

MAK Kai Ho, Ph.D. student, and BU Shi, M.Phil. student, both supervised by Prof. LEUNG Ka Nang, won the Best Paper Awards at the 2014 IEEE Student Symposium on Electron Devices & Solid-State Circuits held on Dec. 5 2014 in Hong Kong. Their papers...View more

Xu Ke (Prof. H.K. Tsang)

Dr. XU Ke, supervised by Prof. TSANG Hon Ki, won the 2014 Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS) Young Scientist Award in the category of Engineering Science and received the top prize of HK$10,000. The HKIS annual conference was held at the Hong Kong...View more

Zhao Ping (Prof. K. L. Wu)

In the recent IEEE International Microwave Symposium, our Ph.D. Student Ping ZHAO (Year 2) received a best student paper award, honorable mention, at the 2014 IEEE International Microwave Symposium (IMS2014) for his work on analytical optimal synthesis...View more

Cheng Zhenzhou (Prof. H. K. Tsang)

CHENG Zhenzhou, under supervision of Prof. TSANG Hon Ki, has been selected for the Postgraduate Research Output Award 2013. The award is nominated annually by each Faculty to recognize research postgraduate students with commendable research achievements...View more

Fu Xiao (Prof. W. K. Ma)

Xiao Fu won an ICASSP2014 Best Paper Award Xiao Fu (center), a Ph.D. student supervised by Professor Wing-Kin Ma (left) and by Professor Nikos Sidiropoulos (right) during his overseas exchange in the University of Minnesota, received a 3rd Prize of...View more

Yao Yi Fei, Yuan Yi Xuan (Prof. F.T. Mak, Prof. Q.H. Meng)

Mr. YAO Yi Fei and Ms. YUAN Yi Xuan, Ph.D. students in BME Division of the Department of Electronic Engineering, have been selected to receive an award under the Global Scholarship Programme for Research Excellence for 2014-15. The award is to assist...View more

Zheng Minhua (Prof. Q.H. Meng)

ZHENG Minhua’s collaboration work with the CARIS Lab during her visit to The University of British Columbia has won the Best Paper Award in the 2014 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction. Zheng Minhua is a Ph.D. student...View more

Cheng Zhenzhou (Prof. H.K. Tsang)

Dr. Zhenzhou Cheng has been selected to receive the Faculty’s outstanding PhD Thesis Award 2013. His thesis title is "Graphene-on-Silicon Suspended Membrane Planar Lightwave Circuits". Zhenzhou Cheng was working toward the Ph.D. degree under the...View more

Liu Songlin (Prof. P. T. Yung)

Songlin Liu (Ph.D. student in EE) won the certificate of merit in the student poster competition in the 3rd Biotechnology World Congress (Multicellularity: perspectives from air-liquid interface biofilms | supervisor: Douglas Yung) Congratulations!View more

Chi Fung Fei (Prof. T. Lee)

Chi Fung Fei won the silver award in the HKEIA project competition. The project is her final-year project under Prof. Lee Tan's supervision. Below is her project description and feeling for receipt of award. My project was named “Automatic...View more