Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Multimedia and Signal Processing Group


DSP and Speech Technology
  • Speech Signal Processing
  • Speech Recognition
  • Audio Indexing and Classification
  • Hearing Aids Technology
  • Signal Processing for Communications
  • Convex Optimization Techniques for Signal Processing
  • MIMO and Cooperative Communications
  • Sensor Networks
Image and Video Processing
  • 3D Video Reconstruction and Rendering
  • Digital Video Technology
  • Image/ Video Processing and Coding
  • Video Coding and Segmentation
  • Subjective Video Quality Evaluation

The group works on important problems in multimedia and signal processing. We not only publish our work in top research journals and conferences but also have collaboration with industry. The group has provided consultancy to many local and overseas companies and organizations including Apple Computer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA and Qualcomm Inc. Since 2006, the group won over HK$13 Million through external research grants.

The group has two laboratories. The Image and Video Processing Laboratory represents CUHK in the Audio Video coding Standard (AVS) work group and our contributions have become a part of the China national video coding standard AVS. We now work with ASTRI to develop new technologies for Future Multimedia Standards. The DSP and Speech Technology Laboratory is well-known for its pioneering work on Chinese spoken language technologies and is a resources hub for Cantonese speech research. The technologies developed in the two laboratories have been licensed to many international companies.