Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - ELEG5302 - Biophotonics




Review of physical properties of light. Optical sources and detectors. Interaction between light and biological materials. Introduction to cell and tissues, DNA and protein. Photo-absorption, emission and spectroscopy. Bio-imaging principles and techniques. Modeling of light-tissue interaction. Light-activated therapy. Micro-array technology. Laser tweezers. Emerging biophotonic technologies.

Learning Outcome
By the end of the course, students should demonstrate the following outcomes:

  • have a brief picture of how photonic techniques may be used for analyzing biological materials;
  • clear understanding of the physics of photons, and the operation of various optical sources and detection devices;
  • basic knowledge on building blocks of biological matter including tissues, cells, proteins and DNA, and their interaction with photons;
  • understanding of optical imaging principle and systems;
  • appreciation of photonic biosensors, micro-array sensing technology, optical tweezers and emerging biophotonic techniques.


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