Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - 2019-2020



RGC General Research Fund in 2019-2020

Principal Investigator Project Title Amount
Prof. Cheng Kwok Keung, Michael Pattern-Reconfigurable High-Isolation MIMO Antenna Design for Wireless Handheld Terminals $462,342
Prof. Li Hongsheng Learning Deep Disentangled Feature Representations with Cyclic Generative Models $731,089
Prof. Ma Wing Kin, Ken Extreme-Point Pursuit: A New Non-Convex Optimization Framework for Unit-Modulus Problems and Beyond, with Applications $673,470
Prof. Shu Ching tat, Chester Optical frequency comb regeneration and its application in multi-wavelength Kramers-Kronig detection systems for access and metro networks $673,470
Prof. Sun, Xiankai On-chip topological lasers with cavities of arbitrary shapes $462,342
Prof. Wang Liang Optical Fiber Sensor Systems Using Advanced Digital Signal Processing Techniques $452,568
Prof. Wang Xiaogang Deep Learning Visual Representations for 3D Object Understanding and Reconstruction from Monocular Images $731,089
Prof. Zhao Ni Structured Organometal Halide Perovskites: Fabrication, Characterization and Application in Light-Emitting Devices $369,179