Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Chi Fung Fei (Prof. T. Lee)


Chi Fung Fei won the silver award in the HKEIA project competition. The project is her final-year project under Prof. Lee Tan's supervision. Below is her project description and feeling for receipt of award.

My project was named “Automatic Recognition for Visual Speech Commands”. Under the supervision of Professor Tan LEE, I developed a human-dependent visual-speech recognition method for Cantonese commands identification which is able to identify some simple Cantonese sentences from videos with front face captured, without evaluating audio signals. The method is expected to be used in user-dependent applications that aimed to help people with vocal cords problem, for example ex-Laryngeal cancer patient.

The competition provided students a great chance to apply the theoretical knowledge learnt in the past three years to real world situations. During the project development, I encounter many difficulties and they taught me the importance of multidimensional thinking and perseverance. All these experiences were valuable and cannot gain from textbooks. I was also very grateful for Professor LEE’s support and advice.

Congratulations to Fung Fei!

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