Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Wang Xiaomu, Ma Lin (Prof. J.B.Xu and Prof. K.N.Ngan )


As announced by the Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS) during its 20th Annual Meeting on 3 Nov 2012, Dr. Xiaomu WANG (Supervisor: Prof. Jianbin XU) and Mr. Lin MA (Supervisor: Prof. King Ngai NGAN), PhD students of the Department of Electronic Engineering, CUHK, have been shortlisted as Finalist for Engineering Science Panel, Young Scientist Awards 2012, by HKIS.
Dr. Xiaomu WANG has been honoured as Honorary Mention and is the runner-up of Engineering Science, Young Scientist Awards 2012. He is awarded a certificate and a cheque of HKD$5000. Mr. Lin MA receives a certificate for recognition.
Congratulations to Dr. Xiaomu WANG and Mr. Lin MA!

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Prof. Xu Jianbin (right) and Dr. Wang Xiaomu (Left)

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Dr. Wang Xiaomu (2nd right) and Dr. Ma Lin (3rd right)