Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - LI Wen (Prof. K. T. Pun, Prof. Chan Kam Tai)


Li Wen, one of our graduating undergraduate students, will be admitted to PhD program in UC Berkeley this fall

Born in Beijing, Li Wen came to Hong Kong after high school to study Electronic Engineering (minor in Mathematics) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a scholarship covering fees and living costs. She researched on THz supervised by Prof. Kam-Tai Chan as a sophomore. In her junior year at college, she studied abroad at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and started research on integrated circuits under Prof. Yun Chiu. She continued exploring IC area in her senior design under Prof. Kong-Pang Pun's supervision. The design was comparator-based switched-capacitor circuits which were used to replace traditional operational amplifiers for scaled CMOS technologies. She was admitted to graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at University of California, Berkeley starting in the Fall 2008 semester, with an EECS Department Fellowship.

Congratulations to Ms Li Wen , Prof. K.T. Chan and Prof. K.P Pun!