Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prof. TSANG, Hon Ki


Prof. Tsang has been awarded an ITF - Midstream Research Programme Funding of HK$4,998,739.5.



Project Title: Integrated Spectrometer for Dynamic Optical Coherence Tomography

Principal Investigator: Prof. TSANG, Hon Ki 

Co-Investigator: Prof. PUN Kong Pang

Project Summary: This project will develop a fully integrated high speed solid-state infrared spectrometer for use in the emerging technique of dynamic optical coherence tomography (D-OCT). D-OCT is a non-invasive label-free imaging using changes between successive scans to image the 3D motion of blood cells in the microvasculature network. The project will also develop a new type of monolithically integrated solid-state spectrometer based on a silicon photonic integrated circuit, and the high speed multichannel data acquisition microelectronic circuits (Analog to Digital converters and transimpedance amplifiers) to enable the construction of a DOCT system that can provide high speed 3D image acquisition for use in dynamic optical coherence tomography.