Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prof. X. G. Wang

Congratulations to Prof. Wang Xiaogang who recently received the Outstanding Young Researcher in Automatic Human Behaviour Analysis AWARD. This award is made annually for early-career (within 2 years of PhD) distinguished research contributions in machine analysis of human behavior.

“A distinguished research contribution in machine analysis of human behaviour” is high-quality original research that has direct implications and contributions to machine analysis of naturally occurring human behavior. All areas of vision-based, audio-based, and multimodal human-human, human-environment, and human-computer interaction will be considered including human affect analysis, social signals and social behaviour analysis, facial expression analysis, body gesture and action analysis, and sign language analysis.

The Award is sponsored by the European Research Council Starting Grant agreement no. ERC-2007-StG-203143 (MAHNOB) and is administered by the Awards Committee of the CVPR4HB Workshop Organization. The Award Winner will be invited to give a KEYNOTE lecture on their work during the CVPR4HB workshop. In 2011, the workshop will take place on June 25, 2011, in Colorado Springs, USA, in conjunction with the annual IEEE Int’l Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition). The recipient will also be invited to contribute an article for publication in the IMAGE AND VISION COMPUTING JOURNAL.
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