Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prof. W. K. Cham

Prof. W.K. Cham, PI of the Project “Future Multimedia Standards”, has been awarded a research grant of HK$1,000,000 (Aug. 2008 – Jan. 2010) from Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Ltd.

Project Title: Future Multimedia Standards

The objective of this project is to develop new video coding techniques for future multimedia standards. This project will investigate the use of new integer transforms to improve video fidelity and the use of human visual system models to improve subjective visual quality of coded video. The results will be submitted for the consideration of becoming an international coding standard.

The project will allow Hong Kong to be a central place for intellectual property creation and accumulation in the multimedia consumer electronics space, enhance the competitiveness of local industries, and help them to capture the huge emerging market opportunities for multimedia devices, applications and services.