Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prof. J.B. Xu

Prof. J.B. Xu has secured the Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao Young Scholars and will have 200,000 RMB for the first two years, afterwards fundable for another 1.2 million RMB, subject to a second review. The fund, which is nationally a prestigious award for young scientists, formerly named as "National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars", Class B. Ironically, its Chinese acronym-name is JB.
In 2009 round, there are 77 awardees nation-wide, 33 from life sciences, 44 shared among physical sciences, chemistry, information sciences, earth sciences, and materials and engineering sciences.
The detailed information about the Joint Fund can be found at the NSFCwebsite: http://www.nsfc.gov.cn