Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prof. H.K. Tsang


Silicon Photonics and Nanophotonic devices
Dr T.K.Liang was awarded the Young Scientist Award by the Hong Kong Institution of Science (HKIS) (2005) for his 2004 work, while he was a PhD student in Prof Tsang’s group, in showing experimentally that silicon optical waveguides can provide over six times gain in amplifying optical pulses using Stimulated Raman scattering. Prof. H.K Tsang was awarded the Research Excellence Award 2006-2007 of CUHK, in recognition of his contributions in nonlinear silicon photonics, particularly the first measurements of nonlinearities in silicon waveguides at telecom wavelengths and on the understanding of the role of free carrier absorption in silicon Raman amplifiers. In 2006 Prof Tsang received $6.5 million funding for an ICP dry etching system and in 2008 Prof Tsang received funding from the University Grants Council totalling just over HK$10 million to purchase an electron-beam lithography system that can be used to make nanophotonic devices with feature sizes as small as 10nm.