Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - ITF Grant - Prof. HO, Aaron Ho Pui


ITF Grant - Prof. HO, Aaron Ho Pui

Prof. Ho has been awarded an ITF Funding of HK$999,350 for his project.

Project Title: Phase-sensitive surface plasmon resonance biosensors for healthcare applications


Recent biotechnology advancements have produced highly selective biomolecules for detecting a range of healthcare-related substances including pathogens, viruses, DNA, pollutants etc. Low-cost disposable biosensors offering one-stop testing of multiple biomolecules at the point-of-care level will be the next generation of medical diagnostics devices. This project proposes to explore a new micro-photonic biosensor design based on a patented technology called phase-sensitive surface plasmon resonance. As a demonstration module, the first prototype is a biosensor chip for detecting several common cancer markers from patients' serum sample. The ultimate aim is to establish a generic biosensor platform that can detect a vast number of healthcare-related substances for customized applications. Apart from the biochemistry technology, which we plan to license to end-users, all the manufacturing steps can be readily transferable to local industries.