Learning Deep Representation with Large-scale Attributes


Joint Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection

Multi-task Recurrent Neural Network for Immediacy Prediction

A Discriminative Deep Model for Pedestrian Detection with Occlusion Handling
Single-Pedestrian Detection Aided by 2-Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian Parsing via Deep Decompositional Neural Network
Learning Mid-level Filters for Person Re-identification

Visual Tracking with Fully Convolutional Networks
Deeply Learned Attributes for Crowded Scene Understanding
Scene-Independent Group Profiling in Crowd
Cross-scene Crowd via Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Measuring Crowd Collectiveness
Learning Collective Crowd Behaviors with Dynamic Pedestrian-Agents
Correspondence-Free Multi-Camera Activity Analysis and Scene Modeling
Trajectory Analysis and Semantic Region Modeling Using A Nonparametric Bayesian Model

Discover Object Classes from a Collection of Images without Supervision Using the Spatial Dirichlet Allocation Model

Deep Convolutional Network Cascade for Facial Point Detection

Face Sketch Synthesis and Recognition

Diffusion Tensor MRI Predictors of Cognitive Impairment in Confluent White Matter Lesion