Speech Science, Technology and Innovative Applications


 — an intensive course for students at IIIS of Tsinghua University

Spring 2015

Instructors: P.C. Ching, Tan Lee, Ken Ma, Helen Meng, and William S.-Y. Wang

Students please contact Prof. Tan Lee, tanlee@ee.cuhk.edu.hk, for more information and inquires.



Speech and language are a major part of human life. They embrace a wealth of human wisdom, knowledge, culture and innovations. Research on speech and language is highly inter-disciplinary in nature. The related subject areas include physiology, linguistics, phonetics, signal processing, and computer science. Many impactful applications have been developed to enable and improve human-computer and human-human communications via spoken languages. In this course, students will learn the scientific fundamentals of speech and language, state-of-the-art spoken language technologies, signal processing and machine learning methods, as well as the latest applications related to speech and language. The course is intended to be both introductory and advanced. The students will start by learning basic knowledge and leave with unlimited research questions and imagination.


List of topics

-        History of language and speech

-        Basic components of language and speech

-        Language and human brain

-        Signals and spectra

-        Discrete-time signal processing

-        Properties of speech signals

-        Speech analysis and coding

-        Statistical modeling of speech

-        Automatic speech recognition

-        Language modeling

-        Spoken dialogue systems

-        Matrix analysis and computation in signal processing

-        Optimization and machine learning

-        Signal enhancement and source separation