Highlights of past research and industry applications

Prof Yu is a well recognized expert in microwave filters and multiplexers design and industry applications such as 5G wireless systems and next generation satellites. Prior to join CUHK in Oct 2017 from Canada, he has been working on and leading the team efforts on microwave filters and multiplexers related research for the past two decades at COM DEV (later bought by Honeywell). He has also been an adjunct Professor at the University of Waterloo for 16 years. He has built very successful research programs at University of Waterloo and COM DEV. He and his team received over CAD $22 million research funding from Canadian and European government agencies since 2000. In those different roles, he has made important contributions to microwave multiplexer design, tuning and modeling with many channels. Notable accomplishments included the creation of temperature compensated multiplexers, dielectric resonator multiplexers for miniaturization, high power designs, space mapping and neural network modeling techniques and many successful industrial applications. Here are some examples:

1. Computer Aided Tuning and fully robotic tuning for filters and multiplexers

In 1995, he developed the computer aided tuning (CAT) software for COM DEV, the first industry application of CAT. He later received the 1995 COM DEV CEO’s Achievement Award for "the development of computer-aided tuning for microwave filters". This is the highest honor in COM DEV. In 2003, he demonstrated world’s first robotic filter/diplexer tuning system at IEEE MTT (IMS) conference workshop. The video below is considered first ever public demonstration of CAT and RoboCAT. The video was originally posted in 2003 and is widely downloaded worldwide.

The Video file: (Download it)

2003 IMS, 2006 Journal.
In The Media: COM DEV Press Release, Oct, 2015

In 2006, He received the COM DEV CEO’s Achievement Award for the record 2nd time, the only person in COM DEV history to do so. In 2020, MTT-S announced that Prof. YU is to receive 2020 Microwave Application Award of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S).

2. Industry standard paper on high power designs. Dr. Ralph Levy call it the “authoritative paper”, widely used in industry

Down Load the 2007 Paper, Details (from Canada)

3. Adaptively Predistorted Filters, which are now widely adopted by industry

Download 2003 Paper; US Patent

4. Widely considered world’s best tunable filter at Ka-band

Tuning Video, Download 2012 paper,

5. World record of highest Quality factor at Ka-band

2015 Super Q filter MTT paper

Current Research Interests

  • High performance RF and microwave devices and system for terrestrial and space communication systems;
  • RF/Microwave Electronics and Subsystems;
  • High power microwave engineering: Multipactor, Corona, and passive intermodulation; Analysis, test and mitigations;
  • Advanced electromagnetic CAD, synthesis, modeling and low cost manufacturing technique for filters, multiplexers and other passive devices;
  • LEO Satellite communication systems and hardware;
  • Electromagnetic compatibility and interference mitigation for communication system;
  • Applied machine learning for microwave engineering;
  • Engineering, Technology and Innovation strategy and management;


  • Address: Room 413, Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building, Electronic Engineering Dept, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Shatin, NT, Hong Kong
  • Email: ming.yu@ieee.org
  • Office: +852 39438286
ORCID iD iconhttps://orcid.org/0000-0002-9678-2347