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Joint meetings with The State Key Laboratory of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, University of Hong Kong

Date Venue Speaker Title Abstract
26 March 2008 CUHK Prof. Tan Language affects perception as revealed by fMRI  
    Franics WONG Research on language and brain waves in LEL  
    ZHENG Hong-Ying Language affects early stage of perception  
2 Feb 2007 HKU Prof. WANG Language Acquisition & Critical Age Hypothesis  
    GONG Tao Language Evolution from a Simulation Perspective  
    Susan SHUAI Broca’s area and speech lateralization in semantic and phonological processing  
    Dr. YANG Chin Lung ERP Indicators of Text Integration for Different Skilled Readers abstract
17 Nov 2006 CU Dr. Alice H.D. CHAN Neural mechanisms underlying the processing of semantic ambiguity abstract
    ZHENG Hongying
Tone Perception: Hemispheric Lateralization and Categorical Perception abstract
28 Sep 2006 HKU Francis WONG Connectionist modelling of language acquisition abstract
    YANG Jing Phonological and Orthographic Working Memory in Normal and Reading-impaired Chinese Children abstract

Venue abbreviation

CU-HSH = Ho Sin Hang Engineering Building of The Chinese University of Hong Kong
CU-WM = William M.W. Mong Engineering Building of The Chinese University of Hong Kong


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