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Chester Shu's Group Photo, March 2023
High-speed Coherent Communication Platform
Yun(left), Prof. Shu and Hong hui(right) in OFC 2019
Prof. Shu is invited as co-chair of CLEO-PR 2018.
Qijie is working on BOTDA system.
Silicon/Silicon Ntride Devices Testing Platform

Our research focuses on the discovery and understanding of physical phenomena, as well as on innovative design, development and demonstration of photonic and related technologies for practical applications that range from optical fiber communications to sensing and microwave photonics. Examples of research topics include fiber-optic based generation of high quality frequency comb source, advanced optical signal processing schemes, and investigation of high performance optical receivers using efficient digital processing techniques and novel waveguide devices. In addition, we explore photonic approaches to enhance the generation and processing of microwave signals, such as DFT-based waveform processing and Raman enhanced optical parametric sampling. All these work aim at contributing to next-generation optical communication and photonic subsystems.