Hi. I'm Yanqing AI.

A post-graduate student in E.E. of The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
My dear supervisor is Prof. Choy.
Current Research Interests: ASIC&SASIC and body area network.

Learn about what I do

I design and build interesting things.

ASIC, SASIC, BAN and sometimes EDA stuff


The 1st GP CPU of CN, some SOC/mixed-signal chips as well.


Channel analysis, protocol, and low power techniques.

EDA Stuff

C, Tcl, Perl, Scheme and many other languages.


Only paper names are shown here. If you want more details please Google it.

[1] Yanqing Ai, Oliver C.S. Choy, "A Data Compression Based Power Aware BAN System Exploration of IEEE 802.15.6", 17th IEEE ISCE.
[2] Yanqing Ai, Oliver C.S. Choy, "The Impact of Nodes Embedded with Data Processing Unit on Energy Consumption in a Wireless BAN", Procedia Computer Science Volume 19, 2013, Pages 938-943, The 4th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT 2013), the 3rd International Conference on Sustainable Energy Information Technology (SEIT-2013).
[3] Yanqing Ai, Wenyan Tao, Oliver C.S. Choy, "A Simulation-oriented Channel Modeling Methodology for Human on-body Channel Communication", 4th EAIT, 2012.
[4] Yanqing Ai, Steve C.L. Yuen, Thomas C.P. Chau, Sam M.H. Ho, Brian P.W. Chan, Oscar K.L. Lau, Kong-Pang Pun, Philip H.W. Leong, Oliver C.S. Choy, "Physical Design of A Structured ASIC Based on ASIC Design Methodology", 47th DAC, 2010.
[5] Man-Ho Ho, Yanqing Ai, Thomas C.P. Chau, Steve C.L. Yuen, Chiu-Sing Choy, Philip H.W. Leong and Kong-Pang Pun, "Architecture and Design Flow for a Highly Efficient Structured ASIC," to appear in IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems, 2012.
[6] Yuen, S.C.L.; Yanqing Ai; Chan, B.P.W.; Chau, T.C.P.; Ho, S.M.H.; Lau, O.K.L.; Kong-Pang Pun; Leong, P.H.W.; Choy, O.C.S.; "Rapid Prototyping on a Structured ASIC Fabric," 10.1109/ASPDAC.2010.5419854, 2010 , Page(s): 379-380.

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Please send me an email: yqai at ee.cuhk.edu.hk.

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