ENGG2430: Probability and Statistics for Engineers

Session D,
2015-16 Term 2,
Faculty of Engineering,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This course page has tutorial notes, homework solutions, etc., created by TA Hongyang Li only. For other resources, resort to the course link in the e-learning system for CUHK students. I just do not fancy the antique way of the e-learning system and try to have a closer connection with students. :) Everthing I put here is always up-to-date and comes with careful considerations.

Tutorial Notes

Tutorial 3.
Tutorial 6.
Tutorial 7. This tutorial includes some mid-term problems.
Tutorial last. This is the last tutorial lectured on Apr. 13, 2016.

Homework Solutions

A brief summary is available at the head of each solution.
Solutions of Homework 3.
Solutions of Homework 6.


Advice for doing well as an undergraduate: Lots of rules of thumb written by a friend of mine. Strongly recommended because I really think low of CUHK undergrads, seriously.
MIT probability course: Ancester course of ours where you can find many useful resources.
Integration by parts: Online math notes through detailed, concrete examples.


May 5, 2016: This course has officially ended with the final-exam grading. Thank you for your participation!