PhD Candidate

B.Sc.(Zhejiang University)


Address: SHB331, CUHK, Shatin, Hong Kong


WANG, Hao received his BSc degree in Zhejiang University, Department of Information Science & Electronic Engineering in 2010, after one year research assistant work in Microelectronics Lab in ZJU, he started to pursuit his PhD degree with supervisor Prof. Choy Chiu Sing from 2011 to the present.

Current Research Interests:

Mixed-signal Integrated Circuit Design, FPGA Design for Communication and Biomedical Applications.

Research Experience:

· 2008~2009 Integrated Optical Lab in ZJU, National Undergraduate Innovative and Practical Project, Zhejiang Province Innovation and Practical Project.

· 2009~2011 Microelectronic Lab in ZJU, 18-bit Delta-Sigma DAC design and Measurement.

· 2011~present ASIC Lab in CUHK, Body Area Network research based on IC and FPGA.