Laboratory of Organic and Nanostructured Optoelectronics

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In-situ Spectroscopy
  1. Probing charge localization in organic donor-acceptor systems using charge modulation spectroscopy
  2. Light-induced dipole change in organometal halide perovskites
  3. Spectroscopic study on liquid/solid interfaces in organic bioelectronics
  4. Deep-level transient spectroscopy

Photovoltaics and Photodetection
  1. Infrared photodetectors based on water-dispersible colloidal quantum dots
  2. Perovskite solar cells: precursor design, material processing and device physics
  3. Morphology-electronic property correlations in organic bulk heterojunction solar cells

  1. Wearable multi-modality sensors for health monitoring: ECG, PPG and pressure sensors
  2. Multimodality models for precise and continuous blood pressure monitoring.

Energy Storage
  1. 3D carbon electrode materials
  2. High energy-density metal oxide based asymmetric supercapacitors

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