TSUI, Hung-tat
Adjunct Professor

B.Sc. (Eng) (HKU), M.Sc. (Manchester), Ph.D. (Birmingham), C.Eng., MIEE, MIEEE

Email: httsui@ee.cuhk.edu.hk

Telephone: +852 2609-8256

Fax:           +852 2603-5558

An Interview appeared on SingTao Daily (11/2/2002).

Resume of career:

Hung Tat TSUI obtained his B.Sc.(Eng) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Hong Kong in 1964 and his M.Sc. from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in 1965 and his Ph.D. from the University of Birmingham in 1969. He joined the Mathematical section of the Central Electricity Research Laboratories at Leatherhead, U.K. as research officer in 1969. At the end of 1971, he joined the Department of Electronics (later became the Department of Electronic Engineering), the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as a lecturer and later as a senior lecturer and professor. He had retired in the summer of 2003 and became  an adjunct professor  of the same Department. 

Current Research Interests:

Computer Vision, Vision Systems for Mobile Robots, Physics Based Vision, 3D Object Recognition, 3D Reconstruction using a Hand-held Camera, Modeling of Buildings and Environments for Augmented Reality, Image Guided Surgery, 3D imaging using laser and ultrasound

Selected Publications:


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          Multiple View Geometry

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          Biomedical Image Processing

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