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Orientation Workshop

This workshop aims at introducing Secondary 6 students to the professional education and training offered by the Electronic Engineering (EE) undergraduate programme at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The attendants will
本工作坊旨在讓中六學生體驗香港中文大學電子工程學系(EE) 學士課程所提供的專業教育和培訓。參加者將會 

  • visit research labs, watch LIVE demos and learn about future job
    探訪各研究實驗室,觀看即場演示 並了解相關的未來工作機會
  • get the experience of how to develop APP/Products/Services
    獲取如何開發手機程式 /產品/服務的經驗
  • chat with individual professors to explore your interested field
  • understand core elements of EE and how to contribute major innovations to our society
    了解電子工程的核心要素 及 如何將重大創新以貢獻社會 
  • know how to meet the admission requirements of CUHK EE programme

Date日期 : 20 Oct, 2018 (Sat)
Venue地點 : Rm 210, Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Bldg,
CUHK, Shatin, New Territories.
  香港中文大學 何善衡工程學大樓 210 室

Each student can choose: (Can choose either or both I & II)
每位同學可選擇:(可同時選擇 I 和 II 或其中一個)

I. Labs Visit 實驗室探訪, 
LIVE Demos 現場演示 &
Interaction with EE Student & Alumni 與EE同學及舊生互動


15:00 – 16:00   or   16:30 – 17:30

II. Practice Workshop 實戰工作坊 &
Professor Chatting Session 教授交談環節

14:00 – 16:00   or   16:30 – 18:30

In the workshop, each student can choose ONE of the following fields to experience how to develop product/service:
 Artificial Intelligence 人工智能
 Voice Processing 語音處理
 Optical Sensing & Controlling 光感控制
 IoT Wireless System 物聯網無線系統 

Principal/Teacher are encouraged to nominate S6 students who have intention and interested in participating “Engineering” to join! 

請校長/老師 推薦 有意向 及 有興趣 投身工程 的 中六同學 參加! 

Tel 電話:(852) 3943 8448


Electronic Engineering Bachelor Degree


JUPAS code代碼: JS4434

CUHK’s Electronic Engineering (EE) was established in 1970 by Prof. Charles Kao, former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK and a 2009 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics who pioneered the use of optical fibres in communications. The EE programme features diversity in the curriculum that covers the following wide range of topics:

香港中文大學電子工程學系(EE)於1970年由諾貝爾物理學獎(2009)得主 及 香港中文大學前副校長 高錕教授 創立,他是引領光纖運用在通訊領域上的先驅。本學系涵蓋多元化課程,包括以下主題:


- Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Design & Mobile APP Authoring
人工智能機器人設計 及 手機程式創作 


- Voice Recognition, Image Vision Processing & Signal Processing
語音識別, 圖像視覺處理 及 信號處理 


- Optical Communication & Optoelectronics 光通信 及 光電子


- Medical Instruments & Telemedicine
醫療儀器 及 遠程醫療


- Circuit & Wireless Systems Design
電路 及 無線系統設計


- Integrated Circuits & Power Electronics
集成電路 及 功率電子

The courses are designed to convey both theoretical and practical knowledge and provide balanced training in both hardware and software skills. The department is ranked No. 1 in Hong Kong by the ARWU’s Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2017.