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Department of Electronic Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Undergraduate Programme > Work-Study Programme

Our work-study program was first introduced in 1975 in the belief that combining course work and industrial training would narrow the gap between academic education and practical engineering. After their second year of study, all students can participate in the work-study program on a voluntary basis. Each participant is required to spend one year, as full-time employee, in a selected local electronic or IT company. The student will continue his/her final year of study after the internship. In the recent years, there are on average 50% of our students who opted for work-study.

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Participating companies

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Information for Companies

Programme Format

The participating student works as full-time trainee for 12 months in the company. The employment normally commences in June, right after the completion of the second year of study.

Obligations of the Company

The company should provide a structured training programme, with proper supervision, by which the student can acquire a wide range of skills and be well exposed to practical working environment. The student is entitled to a monthly salary. The University's recommendation in 2004 - 2005 is HKD 6,500.

Selection Process

In February, participating companies will be invited to give recruitment presentations to the students, who will then make applications to the Programme Coordinator of the department.

The applicants will be invited to interviews by the employers. Selection of students is upon the decision of individual companies.


Prof. C.S. Choy
Coordinator, Work-study programme in Electronic Engineering
Tel:    39438280
Fax:   26035558