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Department of Electronic Engineering
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Graduate Programme > Graduate Courses
Each M.Phil. or Ph.D. student is required to complete the graduate-level lecture courses offered by the Department, or by other Divisions as prescribed by the supervisor or the Division Head. M.Phil. student is required to complete a minimum of 12 units and Ph.D. student is required to complete a minimum of 15 units. At least one faculty core course must be taken. Students have to obtain at least a B for the Faculty core course to satisfy the core course requirement.
The following table lists the graduate-level lecture courses in Electronic Engineering. About six of them are offered each year. The latest teaching time table can be found in the Graduate School web page. (

Course Code Course Title Units
ELEG5020 Advanced Topics in Integrated Circuits and Systems 3
ELEG5030 Advanced Topics in Wireless Communications 3
ELEG5040 Advanced Topics in Signal Processing 3
ELEG5050 Advanced Topics in Solid State Technology 3
ELEG5060 Applied Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory 3
ELEG5101 Advanced Medical Instrumentation and Biosensors 3
ELEG5202 Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design 3
ELEG5210 CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits 3
ELEG5280 Analog-Digital ASIC Design 3
ELEG5301 Photonic Integrated Circuits 3
ELEG5302 Biophotonics 3
ELEG5303 Flexible Electronics – Physics and Technology 3
ELEG5481 Signal Processing Optimization Techniques 3
ELEG5491 Introduction to Deep Learning 3
ELEG5501 Speech and Audio Processing 3
ELEG5510 Solid State and Semiconductor Theory 3
ELEG5520 Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics 3
ELEG5522 Ultrafast Optoelectronics 3
ELEG5523 Fiber Lasers 3
ELEG5530 Characterization Techniques in Semiconductor Technology 3
ELEG5550 Micro- and Nano-Fabrication Laboratory 3
ELEG5723 CMOS Analog IC Design 3
ELEG5726 Power Management Technology 3
ELEG5732 RF Circuits and Systems 3
ELEG5742 Image Processing & Video Technology 3
ELEG5753 Flexible Electronics and Solar Cell Technology 3
ELEG5754 Solid-state Sensors and Lighting Systems 3
ELEG5755 Optical Communication and Interconnects 3

"Faculty Core Course List"

Course Code Pairing course Course Title

ENGG 5101

CNEG 5410

Advanced Computer Architecture

ENGG 5103

CSCI 5180

Techniques for Data Mining

ENGG 5104

CSCI 5280

Image Processing and Computer Vision

ENGG 5105

CSCI 5470

Computer and Network Security

ENGG 5106

CSCI 5250

Information Retrieval and Search Engines

ENGG 5108


Big Data Analytics

ENGG 5189

CSCI 6200

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

ENGG 5202

ELEG 5503

Pattern Recognition

ENGG 5281

ELEG 5205

Advanced Microwave Engineering

ENGG 5282

ELEG 5500


ENGG 5291

ELEG 5610

Fiber Optics: Principles and Technologies

ENGG 5301

IERG 5154

Information Theory

ENGG 5302

IERG 5300

Random Processes

ENGG 5303

IERG 6270

Advanced Wireless Communications

ENGG 5383

IERG 5240

Applied Cryptography

ENGG 5392

IERG 5040

Lightwave System Technologies

ENGG 5402

MAEG 5010

Advanced Robotics

ENGG 5403

MAEG 5020

Linear System Theory and Design

ENGG 5404

MAEG 5050 / BMEG 5120

Micromachining and Microelectromechanical Systems

ENGG 5405

MAEG 5100

Theory of Engineering Design

ENGG 5501

SEEM 5520

Foundations of Optimization

ENGG 5601

BMEG 5150

Principles of Biomechanics and Biomaterials

ENGG 5781


Matrix Analysis and Computations

*The course list will be reviewed each year