Electronic Engineering Department, The Chinese University of Hong Kong - Prof HO, Yi Ping 何亦平
Assistant Professor
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Research Interests:

DNA nanosensors, single cell analysis, infectious diseases diagnostics via enzymatic activities, 3D multicellular spheroids, droplet microfluidics

Research Highlights




Resume of Career

Megan Yi-Ping Ho received her B.S. and M.S. in Power Mechanical Engineering from National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan in 2000 and 2002, respectively. She then spent a year as a R&D engineer in Walsin-Lihwa MEMS Business Unit, Taiwan. In 2008, she received her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. After 3 years of postdoctoral training with Duke University, she joined the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center (iNANO) and the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in Aarhus University, Denmark, as an Assistant Professor in 2012. She is also a co-founder of a start-up company, Zymonostics, situated in Demark. Her research focuses on integrating nanophotonics, novel molecular constructs and microfluidics for detecting nucleic acids in the context of disease diagnostics and gene therapy. She has received 15 academic honors and awards, published 39 peer-reviewed journal articles, 61 peer-reviewed proceedings and conference abstracts, 2 granted patents and 4 invention disclosures. The results that she presented have been recognized internationally and received prestigious awards from American Society of Gene Therapy and Controlled Release Society.

Megan Yi-Ping Ho joined the Department of Electronic Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in August 2016.

Current Research Interests

DNA nanosensors, single cell analysis, infectious diseases diagnostics via enzymatic activities, 3D multicellular spheroids, droplet microfluidics

Highlights of Recent Research Achievements

  • Invention of a novel diagnostic assay via activities of essential enzymes, which has been validated for malaria detection using patient saliva
  • Development of an effective enzyme extraction by microfluidics
  • Development of quantum dots based DNA nanosensors for the detection of enzymatic activities
  • Development of a novel production approach for polymeric nanoparticle using droplet microfluidics

Honors and Awards

  • Finalist, the ERC Starting Grant, 2014
  • Sapere Aude DFF-Ung Eliteforsker Award, Danish Council for Independent Research, 2012
  • Nominated for Outstanding Postdoc Award, Duke University, USA, 2011
  • Jorge Heller Outstanding Paper Award, Journal of Controlled Release, Elsevier, USA, 2007
  • Thesis Competition Award, School of Engineering, National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan, 2002
  • Outstanding Paper Award, TECO Technology Foundation, Taiwan, 2000
  • Thesis Competition Award, The Chinese Institute of Engineers, Taiwan, 2000

External Service in Recent 3 Years

  • Panelist, National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, Department of Defense, USA, 2016
  • Guest Editor, Nano LIFE and World Scientific Publishing Co., 2015
  • Editorial Board Member, Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group, 2014-present
  • Panelist, National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program, USA, 2013-2015
  • Committee Member, Professional Opportunities for Women (CPOW), Biophysical Society, 2010–2013
  • Scientific Reviewer for the journals of Nanoscale, Journal of the Association for Laboratory Automation, Nanotechnology, Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (JM3), Analytical Chemistry, Biotechnology Reports, International Journal of Thermal Sciences, Biomicrofluidics, Lab on a Chip, Biomaterials, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, Nanomedicine, Acta Biomaterialia

Publications for the past 3 years

  1. H-index: 19, for a complete list of publications, please visit Google Scholar at https://scholar.google.dk/citations?user=IIYDsbwAAAAJ&hl=en

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

  1. N. Gaglianone, M. L. Hvam, H. Aslan, M. Dong, K. A. Howard, Y. P. Ho*, "Chip-free Microscale Incubator-based Synthesis of Chitosan-based Gene Silencing Nanoparticles," Particle and Particle Systems Characterization, 33 (5), 279-285, 2016.

  2. O. Franch, F. Iacovelli, M. Falconi, S. Juul, A. Ottaviani, C. Benvenuti, S. Biocca, Y. P. Ho, B. R. Knudsen, A. Desideri, "DNA hairpins promote temperature controlled cargo encapsulation in a truncated octahedral nanocage structure family," Nanoscale, 8 (27), 13333-13341, 2016.

  3. M. L. Jepsen, C. Harmsen, A. A. Godbole , V. Nagaraja, B. R. Knudsen, Y. P. Ho*, "Specific Detection of the Cleavage Activity of Mycobacterial Enzymes using a Quantum Dots based DNA Nanosensor," Nanoscale, 8 (1), 358-364, 2016.

  4. M. S. Hede, P. N. Okorie, S. K. Fruekilde, S.  Fjelstrup, J. Thomsen, O. Franch, C. Tesauro, M. T. Bugge, M. Christiansen, S. Picot, F. Lötsch, G. Mombo-Ngoma, J. Mischlinger, A. Adegnika, F. S. Pedersen, Y. P. Ho, E. Petersen, M. Stougaard, M. Ramharter, B. R. Knudsen, "Refined method for droplet-microfluidics enabled detection of Plasmodium falciparum encoded topoisomerase I in blood from malaria patients," Micromachines, 6(10), 1505-1513, 2015.

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  8. Y. L. Chiu, H. F. Chan, K. K. L. Phua, Y. Zhang, S. Juul, B. R. Knudsen, K. W. Leong*, Y. P. Ho*, "Synthesis of Fluorosurfactants for Emulsion-Based Biological Applications," ACS Nano, 8 (4): 3913-3920, 2014.

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  11. M. Stougaard, Y. P. Ho*, "DNA-based Nanosensors for Next-Generation Clinical Diagnostics via Detection of Enzyme Activity," Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, 14 (1): 1 - 3, 2014.

Book Chapters

  1. E. L. Kristoffersen, M. L. Jepsen, B. R. Knudsen, Y. P. Ho*, "Microfluidics-based Single Cell Analytical Platform for Characterization of Cancer," in Advances in Delivery Science and Technology; Edited by K. Howard, D. Peer and T. Vorup-Jensen, Springer, 2016 (ISBN: 978-1-4939-3632-8).

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